Vol. 28 • November 1996 • No. 11

Letters 2
Peters, Charles
Reforming welfare Reform 9
Cottle, Michael
Tidbits & Outrages 16
Privacy Wrongs 17
Hunter, James Rule,Lawrence
Memo of the Month 21
Under the Right's Wing 22
Toch, Thomas
Who's Who 24
Threadgill, Susan
GIs: Not Your AVerage Joes 26
Waldman, Amy
It's Not Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 34
Dauster, Bill
Political Puzzle 37
In Search of the Real Three Little Pigs 38
Waldman, Steven
Returning Fire in the P.C. War 41
Lemann, Nicholas
Unemployed Underclass 43
Whitman, David
They're Here, They're Queer - We're Used To It 48
Cloud, John
Dixie Redux 51
Meacham, Jon
Monthly Journalism Award 53
Political Booknotes 55
Ornstein, Thomas E. Ricks,John Egerton,Matthew L. Wald,Paul Hewitt,Norman

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