Vol. 26 • January 1994 • No. 10

Letters 2
Tilting at Windmills 4
Peters, Charles
Has the ACLU Lost Its Mind? 9
Etzioni, Amitai
The Five Dumbest Supreme Court Decisions 12
Franklin, Daniel
Who's Who 18
The Case Against the Military Academies 20
Shuger, Scott
Memo of the Month 23
Ihe World's Most Dangerous Yard Sale 24
Noah, Timothy
Who's Calling the Shots at Fidelity? 29
Nocera, Joseph
Monthly Journalism Award 35
Very Risky Business 36
Dorgan, Senator Byron
Gossip, Politics, and Power 41
Meacham, Jon
Sex, Please, I'm British 46
McLellan, Diana
Tidbits and Outrages 50
To Have and To Spin 51
Cooper, Matthew
Political Puzzle 55
Political Booknotes Reviews 56
Bailey, Gregg Easterbrook, Hobart Rowen, Adam Yarmolinsky, and Charles W.

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