Vol. 17 • December 1985 • No. 11

Letters 1
Tilting At Windmills 6
Peters, Charles
Rationalizing Torture The Dance Of The Intellectual Apologists 12
Barber, James David
Whose Agency Is It, Anyway? How Omb Runs Epa 19
Sibbison, Jim
Who'S Who In The Administration 24
Passing The Pork The Pentagon'S Blueprint For Lobbying Congress 25
Rasor, Dina
The Washington Monthly Journalism Award 31
Memo Of The Month 32
Paper Peacekeepers The Unmet Promise Of The U.N. 34
Ignatius, David
Born To Rob? Why Criminals Do It 36
Fallows, James
Overcharge How We'Re Wired By The Utilities 42
Keisling, Phillip
Constitutional Construction Building A Supreme Court 45
Barrett, Paul M.
Cruel And Usual Pretrial Punishment In Jail 49
Murray, Charles
Political Puzzle 51
Barclay, John
Neoliberalism Without A Heart 52
Lemann, Nicholas
Tidbits And Outrages 55
Political Booknotes 56

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