Vol. 10 • March 1978 • No. 1

Letters 6
The UMW Now More Than Ever 8
Bethel, Thomas N.
The Political Puzzle 27
Barclay, John
The Secret Pleasures of the White House Press 29
Randolph, Eleanor
Impact Aid: Another Fleecing 36
Kurtz, Howie
Tidbits and Outrages 40
China And India And Me 44
Massey, Thomas
The Burning of the Reading Public 49
Levine, Arthur
Strangers in a Strange Land 55
Herwitz, Michael
Public Men and Private Lives 63
Lemann, Nicholas
Where to Stay in Washington 68
Merrill, Jill
Memo of the Month 71
Richard Reeves on Political Books 73
Political Book Notes 75

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