Vol. 10 • April 1978 • No. 2

Letters 4
Tilting at Windmills 5
The Political Puzzle 9
Barclay, John
Why The Rich Don't Care 11
Burnham, Sophy
Who's Who in the Carter Administration 20
The Real Big Government is in the States 23
A Report from Maryland 24
Edsall, Barry C. Rascovar, Thomas B.
A Report from West Virginia 28
Haught, James A.
Tidbits and Outrages 32
Jordan, George, and the Establishment 37
Lemann, Nicholas
Memo of the Month 48
The Bureaucracy: The Cleverest Lobby of Them All 49
Reed, Leonard
Where to Eat in Washington 55
Merrill, Jill
Killing the Messenger: The Carter Administration and the Facts About Oil and Gas 57
Richard Reeves on Political Books 61
Political Book Notes 63

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