Vol. 71 • January 2007 • No. 1

New Year's Wishes 4
Rothschild, Matthew
Letters to the Editor 6
Our Sinful Economy 8
No Comment 11
The Can't-Do Spirit 12
Ehrenreich, Barbara
On the Line 14
A Peculiar Version of Friendly Fire Female Troops Face Double Danger 17
Hukill, Traci
Homecoming Nightmares 21
Weill-Greenberg, Elizabeth
A School in Coal's Shadow 23
Lydersen, Kari
Blanket Immunity Bush Twists Arms to Evade Court 26
Pal, Amitabh
Standing in the Elevator 30
Pratt, Minnie Bruce
Frank Rich 31
VanDeCarr, Paul
Happy Returns 35
Clinton, Kate
The Mavericks' Maverick 36
Zirin, Dave
People Who Don't Need Heroes 38
Wypijewski, JoAnn
Index 43
Lukas, Ina
Populists Have More Fun 46
Ivins, Molly

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