Vol. 69 • May 2005 • No. 5

Ways of Defiance 4
Rothschild, Matthew
Letters to the Editor 6
Musical Chairs 8
No Comment 11
Covering Up for Rumsfeld 12
Hentoff, Nat
On the Line 14
Along for the Ride 19
Mitchell, Chip
Bioethics, Bush Style 24
Siegal, Nina
Republican Wing of the Republican Party 30
Shepherdson, Nancy
Wangari Maathai 35
Pal, Amitabh
Grace, Power, and Beauty: A Profile of Lila Downs 40
Rodriguez, Luis J.
Poem 42
Barbarese, J. T.
Democracy Diet 44
Clinton, Kate
Ferocious Moms 45
Conniff, Ruth
The Whim of a Hat 50
Ivins, Molly

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