Vol. 68 • March 2004 • No. 3

Another Criminal 4
Rothschild, Matthew
Letters to the Editor 6
Mr. Smoke and Mirrors 8
No Comment 11
Sneaky Subpoena 12
Hentoff, Nat
On the Line 13
The Ballots Are Still Full of Holes 16
Eisen, Marc
Counting on Indignation 19
Jackson, Damien
Thinking in Cuban 21
Campo, Rafael
Salvador: From the Bullet to the Ballot 26
Dinovella, Elizabeth
Rationality Will Not Save Us 30
Esther, John
Tavis Smiley 33
Samuel, Leah
The Exchange: Oaxaca, Mexico 38
Murrey, Matthew
Give Me an L 39
Clinton, Kate
Nuclear Alert 42
Rothschild, Matthew
Not Bright Enough 46
Ivins, Molly

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