Vol. 53 • September 1989 • No. 9

Disclaimer 4
Letters 6
Comment 9
No Comment 12
Datelines 13
Goertzen, Kurt Kleiner, Eve Pell, Tim Vanderpool, and Donald
We Can End The Arms Race: An Interview With Daniel Ellsberg 17
Watrous, Bob Blanchard And Susan
Star Wars Won'T Die 22
Engelhardt, Tom
Not A Pretty Picture 24
Shulman, Seth
At Peace With The Bomb 26
Witt, Hugh E. De
The Chinese Student Movement Moves To America 28
Riles, Annelise
Puerto Rico: Nation Or State? 32
Bernard, Brian A. Kane And Ruel
Squatters Take On The Navy 36
Ramirez, Deborah
Dumb Dip at Work 37
Ivins, Molly
Their Obedient Servant 38
Falk, Richard A.
Rocky Decade in the Middle East 40
Steif, William
Encounter on the West Bank 46
Corea, Gena

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