Vol. 53 • August 1989 • No. 8

I.F.Stone, 1907-1989 4
Letters 5
Comment 7
No Comment 10
The Dance of Revolution 11
Jordan, June
Even in High School 13
Hentoff, Nat
Datelines 15
Collett, Anna Sochocky and Catherine Siegner, Fred Turner, Holly Metz, and Merrill
Death of a Small Planet 19
Bookchin, Murray
Death of a Small Country 24
Niman, Michael I.
The Victim And The Pilot 26
Mitchell, Greg
An Interview With Alice Walker 29
Dreifus, Claudia
Missing from the News 32
Bagdikian, Ben H.
As Thousands Cheer 35
Ivins, Molly
Defective Defectors 37
Landau, Saul
Boy in Gangland 38
Friedman, Melvin J.
Healing and the Holocaust 39
Skloot, Robert
Books Briefly 40
Innocent Abroad 46
Jordan, Rosa

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