Vol. 47 • August 1983 • No. 8

Letters 6
Comments 9
No Comment 13
Reflection 14
Johns, Bryan
Datelines 16
al., K. Sullivan et
Lordstown: Yesterday's Rebels are Running scared 18
When the Robots Punch In 22
Turner, Steve
Rank and File Blues 25
Rothschild, Matthew
Will Unions Work for Women? 28
al., Richard moore et
Hospital Workers on the Critical List 31
French, Kimberly
Hard Organizing in Sunbelt City 34
Moberg, David
The Lost Constituency 37
Hill, Herbert
Film 40
Seitz, Micheal H.
Indigenious Music 41
Hentoff, Nat
Statecraft as Soulcraft 42
Will, George F.
The Great Refusal:Community and Organization in the New Left, 196-1968 44
Breines, Wini
Books Briefly 45
Report Card 46
Arditi, Lynn
Puzzle 47
al., Emily Cox et
The Last Word 50
Ollman, Bertell

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