Vol. 38 • April 1974 • No. 4

Comment 5
Dietsch, The Editors and Ros Jensen, Jim Castelli, David Zielenziger, Erny Tannen, and Robert W.
The Word from Washington 13
The Wasteland 15
Denenberg, Herbert S.
National Health Insurance: The Benefits, the Risks 19
Ostrow, Joanne
Is It Worth It to Go Halfway? 22
Slade, Steve
'New Federalism' in the Delta 24
Huttie, Wayne Clark and Joseph Jr.
free, Proud, and Sick 26
Lipez, Richard
The United States and Burundi: Genocide, Nickel, and 'Normalization' 27
Morris, Roger
Military Spending: The Juggernaut Rolls On 30
Duscha, Julius
Justice without Politics 34
For a Revolution-in-Stages 37
Lens, Sidney
What Can a Person Do? 42
Rubin, Morris H.
Out There in America 44
Quaintance, James C Rosapepe, John 7. Schell, Daniel Zwerdling, and Charles W.
The Sirens Sing from Piceance Creek 48
Villa, Eilene Sug
The Toilet-Paper Papers 53
Mayer, Milton
America's State of Being 55
Populism and Reform 58
Paper, Lewis J.
Crocodiles and Men 62
Wright, Lawrence
Books Briefly 63
Letters 64

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