Vol. 38 • February 1974 • No. 2

Sanoff, The Editors and John E. Dougherty, Stephen E. Nordlinger, Sidney Lens, John Logue, Phil Hasl
The Word from Washington 15
Amnesty: Eddie McNally Comes Home 17
Miller, Judith
Back on the Track 22
Upez, Richard
Oil: the Data Shortage 23
Duscha, Julius
Transforming Trash in Nashville 25
Egerton, John
A Man Named Smith and the President 27
Baker, George L.
The Bad Man's Club 31
Mayer, Milton
February: Time of Renewal 32
Borland, Hal
Chile: the Dream Bides Time 35
Schesch, Pat Garrett and Adam
A Memory of Tet 41
Dinh, Tran Van
The Keeping of a President 45
Bonafede, Dom
Illegal Immigrants: A View from the Barrio 46
Day, Mark
The Unfulfilled Promise of Cable TV 49
Oppenheim, Jerrold N.
Playing with Politics 53
Hughes, Catharine
Letters 55
The Dulles Legacy 59
Reporting Reporters 60
d'Arazien, Steven
That Male Ego 61
O'Neill, William L.
The Art Jungle 62
Werner, Alfred
Books Briefly 63

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