Vol. 35 • June 1971 • No. 6

Mr. Nixon's Grisly Little Secret 3
Notes in the News 5
The Word from Washington 12
REPRESENTATIVE RON DELLUMS: Black, Radical, and Hopeful 14
Knoll, Erwin
U.S. War Crimes: The Guilt at the Top 19
Johansen, Robert C.
Wiretaps: the Fear Is Real 23
Benson, Miles
The Riddle of the Young Voter 26
Chapman, William
A Psychiatrist looks at the Uses of Abnormality 29
Halleck, Dr. Seymour
Letter from Kuwait 33
Lens, Sidney
Merit Badge 37
Mayer, Milton
Wilson Riles Reform ahead for California's Public Schools 38
Boyarsky, Bill
Hindsight on McCarthyism 43
Bernstein, Barton J.
Rocky Trail in the Far East 45
Ambrose, Stephen E.
Radical in the CIO 46
Dubofsky, Melvyn
Learning to See 47
Werner, Alfred
Without Mission 48
Stegenga, James A.

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