Vol. 35 • May 1971 • No. 5

Planning for Peace 3
Notes in the News 5
The World from Washington 11
A Scandal Called Welfare 13
Udall, Morris K.
Chile Inches Left 16
Jones, J. Hardy
The Half-hearted GAO: Congress Gets What It Wants 19
Knoll, Erwin
MAY: The Real Greening 24
Borland, Hal
Widening Down the War 26
Stern, Laurence
Britain's Tory Counter-Revolution 29
The UMW's Last Chance 32
Sinclair, Ward
The Theater and the War 36
Hughes, Catharine
Corruption Then and Now 37
AAitgang, Herbert
The People's Forum 41
Conspiracies and Accidents 44
Rivers, William L.
Student Rebels 45
Anderson, Fenwick
Marxist on Cuba 47
Goodsell, James Nelson
Science for Humans 48
Gorr, Louis F.

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