Vol. 35 • April 1971 • No. 4

Mr. Nixon's Cruel Gamble 3
Notes in the News 5
The Word from Washingtion 13
Melvin Laird: Salesman for the Pentagon 15
Knoll, Erwin
April 15- If You Want Mylai, Buy It 20
Mayer, Milton
Nader's Raiders Put the Washington Press Corps to Shame 24
Duscha, Julius
'Big Brother' in the Justice Department 27
Chapman, William
Doing Awfully Well with Judge Hoffman 32
Henning, Joel F.
Why You Can't Afford to Be Sick 34
Greenberg, Selig
Youth and the Property Culture 39
Bacon, Margaret H.
The People's Forum 41
Khrushchev (or Somebody) Remembers (Some Things) 43
Nea;, Fred Warner
The Military Reach 46
Ambrose, Stephen E.
Deals and Wheels 49
Lahr, Anthea
Colonial Victims 49

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