Vol. 35 • March 1971 • No. 3

Comes the Nixon Revolution 3
Notes in the News 5
The Word from Washington 11
The American POWs: Pawns in Power Politics 13
Faulk, Richard
The Plunder of Alaska 21
Pollak, Richard
An Old Road to New Wars 25
Knoll, Erwin
Enemies of the Everglades 29
King, Terry Johnson
Muskie's Tightrope Trip 31
A.M.E.N. 35
Mayer, Milton
Broadway Bottoms Out 37
Hughes, Catherine
GEORGIA O'KEEFFE'S Triumphant Vision 39
McDaniel, Charles_Gene
The People's Forum 41
Some Notes on Jespers' Kolniyatsch 44
Racism, 1906 45
Lahr, Anthea
Mural of a Tycoon 46
Dubofsky, Melvyn
Middle East 1948 48
Geyer, Georgie Anne
Shantytown Debacle 49
Hutchison, William R.
Enigmatic Golding 50
Dick, Bernard F.

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