Vol. 34 • December 1970 • No. 12

The People, Yes 3
Notes in the News 5
The Word from Washington 12
Cuba's Contribution to the American Radical Movement 14
Geyer, Georgie Anne
John Gardners Crusade to Save the System 19
Knoll, Erwin
Women's Lib on Capitol Hill 22
McFadden, Judith Nies
Up, Up, and Away Up Tight 26
Mayer, Milton
Businessmen: New Peaceniks 27
Willens, Harold
Revolt of the Public Workers 31
Wurf, Jerry
Racial Hypocrisy in Government 35
Gruenberg, Robert
The People's Forum 37
FDR at the Helm 41
Bernstein, Barton J.
Turning On to Life 42
Weiss, Peter
Radical Pacifist 45
Altbach, Philip G.
Iconoclast 46
Wick, Joseph E.
Vivifying the Dust 46
MacKendrick, Paul
Hemingway's Coda 47
Hughes, Catharine

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