Vol. 30 • December 1966 • No. 12

The Road Ahead 3
Notes of the News 5
Knoll, Erwin
The Word from Washington 10
Killers of the Dream 12
Wechesler, James A.
The Starvation of the Cities 14
Galbraith, John Kenneth
Sex and Morals in Red China 17
Not a Dove, But no Longer a Hawk 21
Sheehan, Neil
Killing for Christmas 24
Kline, Dr. Carl L.
The Garrulous American 27
Mayer, Milton
The Lost Wages of the Poor 28
Brazil's Ploce State 31
Lens, Sidney
Power a nd Law in the World Affairs 35
Larson, Arthur
The Pipers Coming 38
Serwer, Arnold
The People Forum 39
One Radical's Vigil 41
Sklar, Robert
Britain's Macmillan 42
Harrison, John F. C.
The Contract State 43
Bernstein, Bart
Triumph of Spirit 44
Robertson, Priscilla
The Kohler Strike 45
Stern, James L.
On E. M. Forster 46
Marshall, Rachelle
Paperback Plums 48
Index 49

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