Vol. 30 • November 1966 • No. 11

The Choice We Face 3
Notes In The News 5
The Word From Washington 10
Power and Law in World Affairs 12
Larson, Arthur
Black Power 15
King, Martin Luther Jr.
Assignment in Cambodia 17
Boyle, Kay
America the More or Less Beautiful 21
Mayer, Milton
Maoism for the Millions 24
The Troubled Philippines 29
Deats, Richard L.
Roche in the White House 32
Wechsler, James A.
The Peoples Forum 35
Who KilledWho Killed President Kennedy? 36
Salisbury, Harrison E.
Trade and Politics 39
Gambs, John S.
The Future of Man 40
Santoni, Ronald E.
Form of Our Times 41
Sklar, Robert
Virginia Woolf s Art 41
Griffin, C. W. Jr.
Son of a Computer 43
Malin, Irving

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