Vol. 39 • December 1956 • No. 62

Foreword. From St. Petersburg to Budapest 4
1. Russia's Stolen Revolution (1905-1924) Russian Labor Before the Revolution 6-1917: Revolution and Counter-revolution 9-The Workers Oppose Lenin 13-Purging the Labor Movement 16 6
2. The Soviet Caste System (1928-1952) Essentials of the Soviet Economy 18-The New Proletariat 20-Work Edicts 21-Forced Labor 23-Living Standards 23-The Caste System 24-Trade Unions 26-Workers Party? 18
3. Regimentation in Central Europe (1944-1952) The Background 29-Poland 30-Germany 32-Hungary, Rumania and Bulgaria 35-Czechoslovakia 36-Regimentation of Labor 39-Colonialism 40-The Road Back 42 29
4. Labor Fights Back (1953-1955) At Stalin's Death 43-The June Days 44-Vorkuta 47-'New Course' 50-Stirring in the Factories 51-Party Changes 52-Stirring Among Writers 53 43
5. Road to Freedom (1956- ) The 20th Party Congress 55-World Labor's Response 55-Response in the Soviet Orbit 57-Poznan 58-The Poznan Trials 60-Poland's October Days 61-The Hungarian Revolution 63-The Future of Soviet Labor 70 55
Labor Committee to Release Imprisoned Trade Unionists and Democratic Socialists (Members as of December 1, 1956) 73

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