Vol. 19 • May 1936 • No. 18

Workers of the World Unite! 1
Interstate Conference to Meet In Cleveland on May 22 2
Child Labor in Sweat Shops Of South Assailed in Report 3
Tobacco Workers Victims Of Ruthless and Greedy Class of Employers 4
Nazi Conspiracy to Promote Fascism in America Exposed! 5
Pre-Honeymoon Marks Anne Nichols Return to B'w Scene 6
Queen Cornell Becomes Saint Joan 7
Mr. Dooley's Views on Capital and Labor 8
Morrison Greets American Labor in May Day Message 9
Mormon, Herbert
Socialism Is Goal of New French Youth Movement 10
May Day Symbol of Working Class Unity 11
Hendin, Louis
Democratic Socialism Marches to Victory 12
Labor Urges National Housing Program 14
Green, William

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