Vol. 16 • August 1933 • No. 8

Milk Strike Waged By Dairy Farmers Againts Extortion 1
Goldstein, Alton Levy and harold
A Socialist View of the Week (You Talk of War) 2
Urquhart, Schuyler C.
National Edition Subscriptions Pour Into New Leader Office 3
Return of Henderson to House Important, Says Correspondent 4
60,000 Garment Workers Strike 5
While the Blue Eagle Sreams, Just Think of These Things 6
The Opportunity and Duty We Face in Organizing Labor 7
New York Congress Builds For Future 8
Socialist party Progress 9
Thomas Heads Battle For Terzani Defense 10
"Captured"-"Voltaire"-Open Warner's New Season 11
The New Deal as a Peril And as an Opportunity 12

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