Vol. 14 • January 1932 • No. 21

Thomas Vote Will Reach 700,000; Solid Gains Recorded in Many States 1
A Socialist View of the Week 2
Is Ecoomic Recovery in Sight? 3
Michigan's Capital City Reports Socialist Growth 4
A Woman's Point of View 5
Klein, Getrude Weil
For a Branch in Every District 6
Gibson, Leon
In The World of Labor 7
To Win A Free World for Workers Sound Theories Must Be Grasped 8
Organized Labor Forces Task Of Making New Political Policy 9
Cohen, Joseph
Books in Brief 10
Rogin, Lawrence
Socialist Party News 11
New York State 12
Rand School Notes 13
Beauty In Color and Sound Comes Across At the Alvin (The Week on the Stage) 14
Cameo Theatre Offers A New Soviet Sound Film 15
Timely Topics 16
Thomas, Norma

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