Vol. 14 • October 1932 • No. 14

Workers in Flight From Panics Must Now Fight For Freedom 1
A Socialist View of the Week 2
An Attorney-General for the Workers 3
Karlin, William
British Labor Eager to Present Unbroken Front to Capitalism 4
Henderson, Fred
Bronx Tenants Win Great Victory 5
What The State Can Do About Power 6
Rosner, Henry J.
Candidates Met by Vast Crowds 7
Double Page of Special 8
Breslow, Alfred
World's Last But Greatest Capitalistic Experiment 9
Orlando, Joseph
With Benefit to None 10
Kantorovich, Haim
The Party Forges Ahead 11
The Campaign Booms Everywhere 12
New York Party News 13
"Madchen In Uniform": The Criterion of the Season's Films 14
Sol Sells His Soul For Success at-Maxine Elliott's 15

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