Vol. 42 • January 2009 • No. 1

Debating the Raids : A Misstatement and a Disagreement 2
The Meltdown : North and South 3
Rosen, Fred
El Salvador 2009 : A "Change" Year? 4
Wallach, Jason
Against the Law of the Jungle : Peru's Amanzonian Uprising 5
Rénique, Gerardo
Bridging the Gap : Philip Agee, 1935-2008 9
Agee, Chris John
Introduction 14
Progressive Policy in the Americas? A NACLA Rountable 15
Weisbrot, Deborah Poole, Lesley Gill, Greg Grandin, Christy Thornton, and Mark
The Minga of Resistance : Policy Making From Below 24
Poole, Deborah
Beyond the Four Freedoms : Obama and Sovereignty 27
Grandin, Greg
Colombia : What's Next? 30
Gill, Lesley
Treating Bolivia as a Sovereign Partner 33
Burbach, Roger
Reversing Course : A New Economic Agenda for Latin America 36
Vernengo, Matías
Solidarity : The Only Effective Labor Policy 39
Botz, Dan La
A Grassroots Vision for U.S. Immigration Policy-and Beyond 42
Wilson, Jane Guskin and David
The Immigrants : Do the Right Thing but Keep Your Head Down 46
Rosen, Fred
Cuba's Evolving Civil Society 48
Spalding, Hobart
New & Noteworthy 51
Framing Peace as Violence : TV Coverage of L.A.'s May Day 2007 52
Ana, Otto Santa

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