Vol. 41 • September 2008 • No. 5

The Winner in Argentina? Transgenic Soy 3
Thornton, Christy
Who Killed Víctor Jara? 4
Cantor, Paul
A New Doctrine of Insecurity? U.S. Military Deployment in South America 6
Tokatlian, Juan Gabriel
NAFTA's Road to Ruin: The Decline of the Mexican Social Compact, Part II: Introduction 11
Elections in Mexico: What's the Use? 12
Tagle, Silvia Gómez
Armoring NAFTA: The Battleground for Mexico's Future 17
Carlsen, Laura
Displaced People: NAFTA's Most Important Product 23
Bacon, David
Desolation: Mexican Agriculture and Campesinos in the 21st Century 28
Zermeño, Sergio
Here Comes Oil Privatization! 33
Fisgón, El
Mexico's "New Labor Culture": An Interview With Union Leader Benedicto Martínez 37
Rosen, Fred
Cold War Terror in the Americas: A History Lesson,A Tale of Two Colonies: Tutelage and Accommodation and New & Noteworthy 42
Francia, Pablo Morales and Luis H.
Bad News From Haiti: U.S. Press Misses the Story 49
Beeton, Dan

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