Vol. 40 • May 2007 • No. 3

"Sex, Lies, and the Left" 3
LaRamee, Pierre
Breaking With the Past: A 40th Anniversary Interview With Margarita Lopez Maya 4
Rosen, Fred
Power Struggle: Chileans Face Off on Hydroelectric Dams 9
White, Benjamin
Introduction: Of Migrants and Minutemen 13
Morales, Pablo
The AntiImmigration Movement: From Shovels to Suits 14
Larsen, Solana
Detention Archipelago: Jailing Immigrants for Profit 19
Wilder, Forrest
Immigrant Day Laborers: Myths and Realities 25
Valenzuela, Abel Jr.
Critical Mass: Latino Labor Politics in California 30
Milkman, Ruth
Unions and New Immigrants 32
Garland, Sarah
To Live and Let Live in South Los Angeles 37
Ciria-Cruz, Rene P.
There's No Jose Here by Gabriel Thompson 42
Morales, Pablo
"The Take, a Film by Avi Lews and Naomi Klein" 44
Whitney, Christine
Latino L.A.; Horizontalism; and Communities Without Borders 47
Teatro Trono: Youth Theater in Bolivia 48
Dangl, Benjamin

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