Vol. 39 • July 2005 • No. 1

TAKING NOTE: Is Venezuela the New Cuba? 3
Ballvé, Teo
OPEN FORUM: Democratizing the FSLN - and Nicaragua 4
Bendaña, Alejandro
OPEN FORUM: Letter from Chile: Hasta Siempre, Gladys 6
Barbera, Rosemary
UPDATE: Multinational Gold Rush in Guatemala 8
Witte, Benjamin
UPDATE: Central America's Uneasy Disarmament 12
Rogers, Tim
Mexican Workers Since NAFTA: An Introduction 15
The Escalating Struggles Over Mexico's Labor Law 16
LaBotz, Dan & Alexander, Robin
Origins of Mexico's Labor Law Reform 18
Alexander, Robin & LaBotz, Dan
The Abascal Plan: Codifying Employer Control 21
Alexander, Robin & LaBotz, Dan
The Decline of the Decent Job 23
Salas, Carlos
Stories from the Borderlands 25
Bacon, David
A Generation of Migrants: Where they Leave, Where they End Up 31
Binford, Leigh
Landmarks in US Immigration Policy 34
Kimer, James T.
Tracking the Economy CAFTA's "High Tech" Promises 46
¡YA! Youth Activism Mexican Youths Mobilize 47
Ballvé, Teo

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