Vol. 38 • November 2004 • No. 3

TAKING NOTE: Fear and Loathing in Latin America 3
Beck, Marshall
OPEN FORUM: Creeping Militarization in the Americas 4
Huagaard, Lisa & Olson, Joy & Isacson, Adam
UPDATE: Chávez Confirmed, Venezuela Still Divided 8
Rosen, Fred
UPDATE: Dominican Republic:From Poster Child to Basketcase 11
Barrios, Luis & Brotherton, David C.
Bolivia Fights Back 14
The Roots of Rebellion, I. Insurgent Bolivia 15
Hylton, Forrest & Thomson, Sinclair
The Roots of Rebellion, II. Reclaiming the Nation 19
Cusicanqui, Silvia Rivera
The Consequences of Neoliberal Reform 23
Arze, Carlos & Kruse, Tom
Towards an Andean Rural Development Paradigm? 28
Healy, Kevin
The Beat Goes on: The U.S. War on Coca 34
Ledebur, Kathryn & Farthing, Linda
TRACKING THE ECONOMY Ecuador's Dollar Doldrums 47
Larrea, Carlos
¡YA! YOUTH ACTIVISM Gringotón 48
Ballvé, Teo

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