Vol. 35 • May 2002 • No. 6

In Brief 2
Open Forum 4
Marichal, Carlos
Taking Note 7
VENEZUELA Chavizmo at the Crossroads: Moderates, Hardliners and a Regime Under Attack 8
Ellner, Steve & Rosen, Fred
Colombia: The Right Gathers Momentum 13
Tate, Winifred
Racial Politics, Racial Identities Race and Racism in the Americas, Part III 15
Africanity vs Blackness: Race, Class and Culture in Brazil 16
Walker, Sheila
Music and the Formation of Black Identity in Colombia 21
Wade, Peter
Rap and Revolution: Hip-Hop Comes to Cuba 28
Olavarria, Margot
The Road to Durban-and Back 31
Turner, J. Michael
The Making of a Transnational Movement 36
Delgado-P., Guillermo
Zapatismo and the Emergence of Indigenous Feminism 39
Castillo, R. Aida Hernández
An Expansion of Citizenship in Venezuela 44
Giordani, Lourdes & Villalón, Maria Eugenia
Nueva York - Diaspora City: U.S. Latinos Between and Beyond 46
Flores, Juan
Colombia's Indigenous Communities Try to Survive 53
Leech, Garry M.
Books 60
Bonilla-Silva, Eduardo

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