Vol. 35 • March 2002 • No. 5

In Brief 1
Taking Note 5
13 Days that Shook Argentina 6
Gaudin, Andrés
Colombia Peace in Tatters 10
Isacson, Adam
Who Owns Knowlegde? BioBattles and TechnoStrife in Latin America 14
Kawell, JoAnn
Latin America Science: The Long View 18
Cañizares-Esguerra, Jorge & Cueto, Marcos
Bio "Gold" Rush in Chiapas on Hold 23
Belejack, Barbara
Plan Puebla Panama 24
Call, Wendy
Agriculture that Doesn't Get Rid of Farmers 29
Altieri, Miguel
Good Medicine: Brazil's Multifront War on AIDS 35
Passarelli, Carlos & Terto, Veriano Jr.
Despite U.S. Embargo, Cuban Biotech Booms 38
Aitsiselme, Amina
Stories in the Time of Cholera 43
Briggs, Charles L. & Mantini-Briggs, Clara
Solidarity in Cyberspace: Indigenous Peoples Online 49
Delgado-P., Guillermo

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