Vol. 35 • January 2002 • No. 4

In Brief 1
Open Forum 4
Jara, Ernesto de la
Taking Note 7
Brazil's New Old Order 8
Zaveruche, Jorge
Post Cold War Latin America In the Eagle's Shadow 11
Washington and the Caudillos: Calculation and Miscalculation in Managua 12
Bendaña, Alejandro
Colombia at the Crossroads: The Future of the Peace Accords 17
Richani, Nazih
Frozen Relations: Washington and Cuba after the Cold War 21
Hernández, Rafael
Free Trade Area of the Americas: NAFTA Marches South 27
Katz, Claudio
Brazil: Neoliberal Decades Bring Down "Emerging Power" 28
Sader, Emir
Mexico's Haves and Have-Nots: NAFTA Sharpens the Divided 32
Salas, Carlos
Retiring on the Free Market: Chile's Privatized Social Security 36
Lear, John & Collins, Joseph
Peru: Cleaning Up After Fujimori 42
Ugarteche, Oscar

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