Vol. 34 • January 2001 • No. 4

In Brief 1
Open Forum 4
Edwards, Beatrice
Taking Note 7
Justice Delayed-But Not Denied 8
Ortiz, Dante
Silent War in Nicaragua 11
Rogers, Tim
Well of Contention Oil in the Americas 16
Solidarity at the Pump 17
Tanzer, Michael
U.S. Aid to Colombia's Military: The Oil Connection 20
Klare, Michael T.
Venezuela's Balancing Act 25
Lander, Luis E.
Mexican Pipeline 31
Shields, David
Oil at the Grassroots: Report from Tabasco 34
Town, Sarah & Hanson, Heather
What Lies Beneath 38
Barreda, Andrés
A Seat at the Table 41
Jochnick, Chris & Garzón, Paulina
Colombia's U'Wa People: The Real Price of Oil 44
Reinsborough, Patrick
Books 55
Hellinger, Daniel

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