Vol. 34 • November 2000 • No. 3

In Brief 1
Open Forum 4
Rospigliosi, Fernando
Minding the Backyard: Washington's Latin America Policy After the Cold War 6
Burt, Jo-Marie
Permanent Preeminence: U.S. Strategic Policy for the 21st Century 8
Klare, Michael T.
Cocaine Madness: Counternarcotics and Militarization in the Andes 16
Youngers, Coletta
Yanquis Return to El Salvador 20
Brackley, Dean
The Value of Vieques 24
Murillo, Mario
Preserving Hegemony: National Security Doctrine in the Post-Cold War Era 26
McSherry, J. Patrice
Training Assassins 28
Panetta, Linda & Serraglio, Randy
A Politics-Driven Policy: Washington's Cuba Agenda is Still in Place-For Now 35
LeoGrande, William
Polyarchy: Coercion's New Face in Latin America 42
Robinson, William I.
Profiteering in the Hemisphere 49
Henwood, Doug
Books 63
Vickers, George

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