Vol. 34 • July 2000 • No. 1

In Brief 1
Open Forum: Seismic Shift in Mexico 4
Gilly, Adolf
Taking Note 5
Looking Ahead: New Challenges for Human Rights Advocacy 7
Basombrío, Carlos
Human Rights after the Dictatorship: Lessons from Argentina 12
Abregú, Martín
Outing Tortures in Postdictatorship Argentina 14
Kaiser, Susana
Military Rumblings 16
MacSherry, J. Patrice
Building a Culture of Rights 19
Cáceres, Eduardo
Life and Death in the Peruvian Amazon 20
Human Rights (and Wrongs) on the Global Assembly Line 22
Mark, Jason
"Gender Equity" Without Social Justice: Women's Rights in the Neoliberal Age 25
Schild, Verónica
Globalization: The Double-edged Sword 29
Brysk, Alison
Creating International Accountability 32
Gonzáles-Cueva, Eduardo
Impunity on Trial in Chile 34
Brett, Sebastian
Truth and Justice in Uruguay 37
Delgado, María
Looking for Simón: An emblematic story of impunity 38
Delgado, María
Colombia: Memory and Accountability 40
Terror and the Press 41
Gómez, Ignacio
Defending Rights in a Hostile Environment 43
Youngers, Coletta & Burt, Jo-Marie
Navigating in Uncharted Waters: Human Rights Advocacy in Brazil's "New Democracy" 47
Pinheiro, Paulo Sérgio

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