Vol. 33 • March 2000 • No. 5

In Brief 1
Open Forum: Pinochet's Mind 4
Dorfman, Ariel
Taking Note 5
Lagos Defeats the Right-By a Thread 6
Winn, Peter
Uneasy Allies: The Far Right Comes to Power in Guatemala 11
Mejía, Raúl Molina
¡Adelante! The New Rural Activism in the Americas 13
The Persistence of the Peasantry 14
Edelman, Marc
Zapatismo Resurgent: Land and Autonomy in Chiapas 20
Collier, George A.
A Day in Zapatista Autonomous Community 23
Russo, Tim
Rural Rebellion in Southern Mexico: The Guerrillas of Guerrero 26
Paulson, Jhosua
Brazil's Landless Find Their Voice 30
Cadji, Anne-Laure
Breaking New Ground: Brazil's MST 36
Navarro, Zander
A Sense of Possibility Ecuador's Indigenous Movement Take Center Stage 40
Collins, Jennifer N.
Reviews 56

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