Vol. 32 • July 1998 • No. 1

Newsbriefs 1
Open Forum Mexico: A Time to Kill 4
Gilly, Adolfo
Taking Note 5
Latin American Journalists Under the Gun 6
Belejack, Barbara
Scorched Earth in a Time of Peace 11
Black, James
Few Surprises at Sandinista Congress 16
Zimmerman, Lisa
LATIN AMERICAN YOUTH Anger and Disenchantment on the Margins 20
The Children of War: Street Gangs in El Salvador 21
DeCesare, Donna
Heroes or Hooligans: Media Portrayals of Peruvian Youth 30
González-Cueva, Eduardo
Soccer and Devotion in the Barrios of Santiago 36
Lemebel, Pedro
Reviews 48
Burbach, Roger

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