Vol. 30 • January 1997 • No. 4

Newsbriefs 1
Letters 4
Taking Note 5
Anniversary Essay: Democracy Versus Democracy 6
Volk, Steven
Globalization and Resistance: The Remaking of Mexico 14
Rosen, Fred & Barkin, David & Ortiz, Irene
Cracks in PRI Unionism 16
Cueva, Héctor De la
The Workforce of the 1990s 21
Rendón, Teresa & Salas, Carlos
The Entrepreneurs Who Became Radicals 28
Senzek, Alva
Zapata's Children: Defending the Land and Human Rights in the Countryside 30
Ross, John
The EPR: Mexico's "Other" Guerillas 33
Gatsiopolous, Georgina
Beyond Borders: Culture, Movement and Bedlam on Both Sides of the Rio Grande 36
Martínez, Rubén
Latin America and Caribbean Resources Guide 41
Reviews 48

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