Vol. 29 • March 1996 • No. 5

Newsbriefs 1
Letters 4
Taking Note 5
The U.S. Military Bases: Will They Stay or Go? 6
Lindsay-Poland, John
The PRI's Protection Racket: Maintaining Control at the Grassroots 10
Rosen, Fred
GAINING GROUND The Indigenous Movement in Latin America 14
Bolivia: Making the Leap from Local Mobilization to National Politics 15
Albó, Xavier
Colombia: Confronting the Dilemmas of Political Participation 21
Murillo, Mario
Ecuador: Taking On the Neoliberal Agenda 23
Pacari, Nina
The World Bank's Indigenous Policy 26
Treakle, Kay
Chile's Mapuches Organize Against NAFTA 30
Millaman, Rosamel
Guatemala: The Struggle for Maya Unity 33
Otzoy, Antonio
Brazil: The Legal Battle Over Indigenous Rights 36
Schwartzman, Stephan & Araújo, Ana Valéria & Pankararú, Paulo
Reviews 47

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