Vol. 28 • November 1994 • No. 3

Newsbriefs 2
Letters 4
Peru: Shining Path After Guzmán 6
Ricci, José Lopéz & Burt, Jo-Marie
Dominican Elections: Loser Take All 10
Ferguson, James
The Eternal President 13
Ferguson, James
RURAL LATIN AMERICA Wrestling with the Global Economy 15
The Legacy of Latin American Land Reform 16
Barraclough, Solon L.
New Harvests, Old Problems: Feeding the Global Supermarket 22
Thrupp, Lori Ann
Will Central America's Farmers Survive the Export Boom? 28
Escobar, Edelberto Torres
Interviews with Three Campesino Activists 30
Edelman, Marc
Rural Upheaval and the Survival of the Maya 34
Gutiérrez, Edgar
The Greening of Cuba 37
Rosset, Peter
Reviews 48
Hammond, John L.

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