Vol. 26 • May 1993 • No. 5

Letters 2
Taking Note 3
An Exile's Return 4
Argueta, Manillo
Can Biotechnology Save the Cuban Revolution? 7
Feinsilver, Julie
Intimidate First, Ask Question Later The INS and Immigrant Rights 11
Self, Robert
Window of Opportunity Will a Post-Cold War Democratic Administration in the United States Make a Difference in Latin America? 15
Clinton's Latin America Policy: A Look at Things to Come 16
Burbach, Roger
Lake and FeinBerg the Best and the Brightest? 18
Impeccable Logic: Trade, Development and Free Markets in the Clinton Era 23
Henwodd, Doug
Drug War: A Quietly Escalating Failure 29
Doyle, Kate
Clinton's Cuba Policy: A low-Priority Dilemma 35
Landau, Saul
Immigration Policy: A Tricky Business 38
Muñoz, Cecilia
Reviews 47

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