Vol. 21 • July 1987 • No. 4

On the Record 2
Taking Note 3
COLOMBIA Another "Dirty War"? 4
León, Clara Ponce de
XABIER GOROSTIAGA Peace With No Losers 6
Doggett, Martha Lyn
CHILE Street Theater Takes Risks 10
Hautzinger, Sara
n Review 12
Alfonsín's Argentina: The Ties That Bind 13
The Military: What is to Be Done? 15
Mignone, Emilio
Sharing Know-How With the Contras 25
Desecrating Democracy 26
Pingel, Roy
The Movement: Eclipsed by Democracy? 28
Jelin, Elizabeth
A Panoply of Political Parties 37
Pingel, Roy

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