Vol. 41 • January 2008 • No. 1

TAKING NOTE : The Candidates and Latin America 3
Thorton, Christy
OPEN FORUM : Gratitude as the Moral Currency of Empire 4
Pérez, Louis a. Jr.
UPDATE : The Global Pesticide Pushers in Latin America 5
Langman, Jimmy
Introduction 11
The Latin American Righr : Finding a Place in the World 12
Zibechi, Raúl
New vs. Old Right in Paraguay's Election 14
Howard, Benjamin Dangl and April
By Means Legal and Otherwise : The Bolivian Right Regroups 20
Gustafson, Bret
Building the City of God : Mexico's Ultra-Right Yunque 26
Ortiz, Irene
Neither Left nor Right: Sandinismo in the Anti-Feminist Era 30
Kampwirth, Karen
Medellín : The Peace of the Pacifiers 35
Hylton, Forrest
REVIEWS : Defending Food Sovereignty, Quilombo Lives, Quilombo Dreams 45
Zeltsman, Matt Kopka,Corrina
MALA : The New York Times on NAFTA and CAFTA : No Alternative 51
Rosen, Fred

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