Vol. 40 • November 2007 • No. 6

TAKING NOTE: Latin America and the "Family Jewels" 3
Doyle, Kate
Grandin, Greg
UPDATE: Taking on Big Cellulose: Brazilian Indigenous Communitiues Reclaim Their Land 9
Kenfield, Isabella
Introduction 14
Puerto Rico's New Era: A Crisis in Crisis Management 15
Bernabe, Rafael
Puerto Rico's Social Movements: Decolonizing Step-by-Step 21
González-Cruz, Michael
Puerto Rico at the United Nations 22
López, Ana M. & Reardon, Gabriela
Puerto Rico's Political Prisoners 26
Susler, Jan
The Diaspora factor: Stateside Boricuas and the Future of Puerto Rico 28
Falcón, Angelo
A Rare Happy Ending: Piñones Versus the Developers 32
Cotto, Cándida
Reggaeton Nation 35
Negrón-Muntaner, Frances & Rivera, Raquel Z.
REVIEWS: A Little Bit of So Much Truth, To Save Her Life, and more 42
MALA: A Fleeting Moment of Balanced Immigration Coverage 51
Bodossian, Kristen & Ana, Otto Santa

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