Vol. 39 • May 2006 • No. 6

TAKING NOTE: Challenging Our Mala Prensa on Latin America 3
Thornton, Christy
OPEN FORUM: Politics as Organized Crime in Colombia? 4
Hylton, Forrest
UPDATE: Keeping Fair Trade Fair in Mexico 6
Bastian, Hope
Introduction 10
Theodore, Steve Cupid
The Jamaican Moment: New Paths for the Caribbean? 11
Meeks, Brian
Caribbean Movements Then and Now: A Labor View 16
Abdullah, David
Power, Violence and the Jamaican "Shotta Don""" 21
Bogues, Anthony
Remapping Caribbean Geopolitics 26
Thorburn, Diana
Peace Despite the Peacekeepers in Haiti 31
Lindsay, Reed
iYA! YOUTH ACTIVISM:Mapuche, Mapunky, Mapuheavy 48
Workgroup, MapUrbe Communication

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