Vol. 39 • January 2006 • No. 4

TAKING NOTE: Regional Integration: By the People, For the People 3
Theodore, Steve Cupid
UPDATE: Colombia's Indigenous Caught in the Conflict 4
Murillo, Mario A.
UPDATE: Venezuela's Revolution and the Oil Company Inside 8
Parenti, Christian
Introduction 14
U.S. Policy on Cuba Beyond the Last Gasp 15
Jimenez, Marguerite & Brenner, Philip
A Safe Harbor for Luis Posada Carriles 16
Kornbluh, Peter
Strange Bedfellows Against U.S. Policy 18
Morales, Pablo
Cuban Development in the Bolivarian Matrix 22
Monreal, Pedro
Cuba's Foreign Policy and the Promise of ALBA 27
Salazar, Luis Suárez
Cuban Civil Society: I. Reinterpreting the Debate 32
González, Jorge Luis Acanda
Cuban Civil Society: II. Future Directions and Challenges 37
Alfonso, Haroldo Dilla
iYA! YOUTH ACTIVISM: Brazil's Landless Youth Come of Age 52
Gomes, Cristiane

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