Vol. 39 • November 2005 • No. 3

TAKING NOTE: Listening to América 3
Ballvé, Teo
OPEN FORUM: The Workers' Party Self-Destructs 4
Maack, Thomas
UPDATE: Exporting Gas and Importing Democracy in Bolivia 5
Lindsay, Reed
UPDATE: The Falcon Remembered 12
Robert, Karen
UPDATE: Glaciers Under Threat by Mining in Chile 16
Ross, Jen
Introduction 20
The Diaspora Strikes Back: Reflections on Cultural Remittances 21
Flores, Juan
Latinos in the Age of National (In)Security 26
Lovato, Roberto
The Emergence of Modern Blackness in Jamaica 30
Thomas, Deborah A.
Miami: Images of a Latinopolis 35
Yúdice, George
Reviews 44
iYA! YOUTH ACTIVISM: An Internship in Self-Management 48
Trigona, Marie

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