Vol. 38 • March 2005 • No. 5

TAKING NOTE: Argetina's Catholic Backlash 3
Ballvé, Teo
OPEN FORUM: Peru vs. Lori Berenson: The Case Continues 4
Berenson, Mark L.
UPDATE: The Treasure of the Cajamarca-And Other Peruvian Curses 6
Monning, William W.
UPDATE: Paraguay's Enigmatic President 10
Lambert, Peter
Social Movements: Building From The Ground Up 13
New Challenges for Radical Social Movements 14
Zibechi, Raúl
Bolivia's Separatist Movement 16
Ballvé, Teo
Brazil's Landless Hold Their Ground 21
Vanden, Harry E.
Memories of Struggle in the MST 24
Stedile, João Pedro
Chavistas in the Halls of Power, Chavistas on the Street 27
Gindin, Jonah
The World Social Forum and the Rise of Global Politics 30
Hammond, John L.
Time of the Snails: Autonomy and Resistance in Chiapas 34
Stahler-Sholk, Richard
TRACKING THE ECONOMY Immigrants and the U.S. Labor Market 47
Marcelli, Enrico
¡YA! YOUTH ACTIVISM Child Soldiers 48
Ballvé, Teo

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