Vol. 38 • July 2004 • No. 1

TAKING NOTE: The Times They Are A-Changin' 3
Gibbs, Terry
INTERVIEW: Kirchner and Krugman: A Conversation 4
UPDATE: Democracy's Crisis of Legitimacy in Latin America 8
Gibbs, Terry
UPDATE: Peru's Cocaleros on the March 10
Cabieses, Hugo
Water, INC. 14
The Struggle for Latin America's Water 15
Barlow, Maude & Clarke, Tony
Conflict in the Borderlands 19
Graciá-Acevedo, Mariá Rosa & Ingram, Helen
Fighting The Delta Blues 22
Angulo, César
Mexico City's Water Crisis 24
Barkin, David
Running Water: Partcipatory Management in Brazil 29
Keck, Margaret E. & Abers, Rebecca
Water Privatization in Buenos Aires 34
Vilas, Carlos M.
Keeping it Public in Bogotá 38
Garland, Sarah
TRACKING THE ECONOMY Paying for Nafta 47
Gallagher, Kevin P.
iYA! YOUTH ACTIVISM Homies Unidos 48
Ballvié, Teo

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